Not Just Rumors – Jersey Forced To Abandon Its Name

There is an important announcement soon to be expected from the official Oracle places. Jersey, the reference implementation of the RESTful webservices standard (JAX-RS) is forced to change its name due to repeating complaints from the officials of New Jersey state and especially of the Jersey city.

The dispute over the naming dates back to around June 2013 when the version 2 of Jersey was released. Steven Fulop, the major of Jersey, New Jersey declared his disagreement with the framework name during a press conference in November 2014:

“They better rename that damn thing. We don’t want anyone to call a bunch of ones and zeroes with the name of our city and state.”

He further explained his concerns, that the situation will get worse with the Jersey 2.0 release. “People will most likely start referring the 1.x version as ‘old Jersey‘ and the 2.x as ‘new Jersey‘. That’s just far beyond acceptable.

New recommendations

The entire thing was also discussed in the JCP community and new community recommendations regarding technology naming were introduced. According to those, the technology owner should get in touch with the relevant authorities if the name is possibly colliding with an existing geographical or other commonly used name.

In case of JAX-RS reference implementation, this was luckily already done – to keep at least some logical continuation, it was decided, that the name shall still be a city. After some negotiations with several cities in Netherlands, Germany and UK, we finally got some very positive reactions from Denmark.

And the winner is…. Dronningmølle!

The spokesman of the Dronningmølle city council wrote us: “We will be delighted to have your framework named after our city. The people of Dronningmølle are big Java fans and over 70% of them do like the REST architecture. Next year we are going to release new voting system based on JAX-RS, so your offer comes in the best time possible. We also hope to host a developer conference and other events in the upcoming years, this will definitely make it more popular.

There is some effort required from both Jersey developers and its users. The page will have to be moved, maven artifacts will be released under the new name, so the users will have to change their dependencies with migration to the new version.


Unfortunately, also the packages and property names will have to be renamed, so be prepared to change from e.g.


The sub-packages, module names and everything else will remain the same – we will try to avoid changes on users’ side as much as possible.

The complete overview of changes needed will be of course listed in the migration guide –  actual link (, later to be found under  new link (dronningmø – not yet created).

Happy spelling.

And before you will start changing your pom.xml files and all the classes using Jersey, rather check the date of the article.

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  • There is an old name in artifactId in the new maven dependency example. It should be


    • Adam Lindenthal
      3 years ago

      Thanks for noticing! You’re right, that wouldn’t work. It has been updated.

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